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If you are interested in a webcam, we’ve done a bit of the legwork for you by finding out which models are getting high marks from other consumers. Just click the link to visit Amazon and get your storytelling on!

It’s also the perfect gift for a kid! Kids LOVE to read Webtime Stories, too! Give them the gift of a webcam and you’ll receive the gift of watching them learn how to be storytellers. They’ll thank you when they can show the recordings to their kids, or to any future generation!

More TIPS as you search

  • Make sure the webcam has a microphone, some models do not
  • Look for models that promote ‘plug and play’ as they tend to be easier to get started
  • Many reviewers used the camera to post their review, so you can see the quality – cool!
  • If the camera has a 5 star rating, check the number next to the rating (may be only 1 person posted so far)

Personalized Technology

“…Alison has created a clever storytelling – personal connection – technology solution!”


Dads Dig It!

“You guys are brilliant! What an amazing idea! You’ll be making aLOT of money from me!”

-Future Storyteller from LATFOB


Military Families Get It!

“Wow, my brother is in Afghanistan and would love to read to his nephews.”

– Military Family Storyteller


Best of the Best in Family-Friendly Media

~ Mom’s Choice Awards


‘The Old Felt Hat’ – by Nancy Kelly Allen, Illus. by Lexi Rodriguez

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