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Thanks for celebrating World Read Aloud Day with us!
Did you know that nearly 1 Billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their name? We agree with that reading and writing are human rights and want to help shine a spotlight on this important issue, as members of the global community called Earth!
Storytelling has been unifying families for centuries and reading aloud fosters literacy. Be There Bedtime Stories adds a new dimension to this age-old tradition with the visual cues of both the storyteller and the words on the page, delivering the proven read aloud techniques through our recordable platform.
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So, welcome to our celebration of World Read Aloud Day - extended through the weekend! Each registered user will receive a FREE story with the purchase of one story, through midnight PST on Sunday, March 13th. Just enter the following coupon code during checkout: morestories (one word). Your recording will be available to as many people as you wish, viewable any number of times. Then we invite you to visit and consider ways in which you can raise awareness on this sleeper fact beyond March 9th. This important issue doesn’t go away today. Put a link on your blog, post a quick fact to your Facebook page or Tweet a shout-out to the folks that are working hard on this global issue.
Ponder this...
What would you miss most throughout your day, if you were unable to read or write?
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Here’s a few thoughts from other storytellers:
I think I would miss helping my 6 year old with her homework.
Syracuse, NY

I would miss reading poetry.
Paso Robles, CA

Game night. I don't think I could play board games very well if I couldn't read.
Grand Island, NE

I would miss all the great inspirational quotes and clever emails that people
send to me.
Belleview, WA

Curling up with a mystery novel. Definitely!
Diamond Bar, CA

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