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My name is Alison Sansone, Creator of ‘Be There Bedtime Stories’.

In the spirit of storytelling, let me introduce you to our big idea - video storytelling! You see, this idea comes from my own heart. I am the youngest of six children in my family and only one of us produced grandchildren for my parents! And – my sister, with the nieces, lives in Chicago while the rest of us settled on the West coast. When my first niece became a toddler and started using big-girl words, I felt frustrated that I was unable to be a part of those early years.

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“This is perfect for our family! My mom lives on the other side of the country, so she doesn’t see the grandkids as often as she’d like. We do Facetime, but the timing isn’t always convenient. Bedtime stories with grandma is possible with Be There Bedtime Stories!”

“Making a video [on] takes next to no tech knowledge.... Be There Bedtime Stories is a great service. The idea seems simple yet it can really make a huge impact on bonding with our little ones whether they be our own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephew, etc.”

“...Alison has created a clever storytelling – personal connection – technology solution!”

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Watch a few of my stories to my nieces - then connect in your own special way!

Behind the Bedtime Story

After a decade of both field and corporate experience in the hospitality industry, Alison Sansone, Creator/CEO, decided to pursue marketing and business development as her true passion. In 2006, she combined her education in videography with her marketing acumen to start her own company producing multi-media tools for small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout Orange County. The business model for Be There

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