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Why Storytelling Matters

My biggest discovery in developing this technology is a moment I’ll never forget.

The first story I sent to my 3 year old niece from my website inspired her to send a story back to me. Although she couldn’t yet read in complete sentences, the illustrations of a boy and a puppy and his family were enough for her to share what was emerging from her imagination.

Whether the book is in a child’s lap or on a screen, storytelling comes naturally. It’s the expression of something that comes from within. And when the child is doing the telling, well that’s the most organically delicious story you’ll ever hear.

She was completely inspired by the illustrations of a book that day, and I was a witness inside her imagination – a witness that could see from 2000 miles away.

Our technology works, you can Be There. And how do I know this? Because webcam kisses carry just as much meaning as the juicy ones with grape jelly.

So, who might be waiting for a story from you?

Video Storytelling: Tested and Testified.

Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs…

Mommy Bloggers

“Within a few minutes I had read the book and chosen to email it to my niece in care of my brother. He said they played it for baby M and she seemed excited to hear my voice!”

~ NicolesNickels.com


Kids Dig It, Too!

“Where do I click, mommy…? I want to see it again!”

~ Gabriel, age 4


Savvy Aunties

“Webtime Stories offer some unique and story-specific advantages over other webcam alternatives like Skype and iChat.” ~ SavvyAuntie.com


Military Families

“This is like a dreamland!  Thank you for providing this reading opportunity to our WHOLE family – no matter how far away the members are from each other!”

– Blue Star Military Family Member


‘When Mama Reads to Me” by Judy Rubin, Illus by Milla Zeltzer

Meet the 'Be There' Team

We have a rockstar team of technologists, marketers, investors, designers and storytellers behind the ‘Be There’ technology. We work together because we know we’re onto something. We’ve devoted the past few years to building the foundation of Be There Media starting with our first product: Be There Bedtime Stories.

Alison Sansone | Chief Storyteller

After a decade of both field and corporate experience in the hospitality industry,  Alison Sansone, Creator and Storyteller, decided to pursue marketing and business development as her true passion.

In 2006, she combined her education in videography with her marketing acumen to start her own company producing multi-media tools for small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout Orange County. The business model for Be There Bedtime Stories was inspired by her own frustration of living 2000 miles away from her only two nieces.

Paul Pacun | Chief Geek

Paul Pacun is our technology strategist, serving as navigator for the dancing porcupines, blue-tailed skinks and under-achieving fleas that make their way from one device to another, miles apart.

Paul has an esteemed career in technology and product development. Previously a manager with the Deloitte Consulting Group, he is currently founder of Meiotic Inc, makers of the vablet mobile content management platform. His mobile platform is tailored for enterprise users and currently utilized by Fortune 100 Companies in Finance and Life Science and Pharmaceutical.

Jesse Pierpoint | Chief Whimsy Producer

Jesse Pierpoint, provides creative direction to the Be There Bedtime Stories brand, and joined the founding team with his own passion for storytelling – thanks to 3 kids in the house!

Jesse is principal and owner of Pierpoint Design, a design and branding firm; and also serves as Creative Director for Seven2.com. His projects in this interactive agency include a growing list of multimedia demands from clients like AT&T, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Expedia, Bravo TV, Disney, MTV, and others.

Mary Sulzman | Chief Giggle Uploader

Mary is responsible for managing the online store, which provides the pages that fill the books that hold the illustrations and the characters that produce the giggles that come from the storytelling at Grandmas house.

Her background in book editing and Children’s book Publishing bring her to an understanding of the unique qualities of any given experience – lending to her other projects in branding and web development. It’s best summarized as wit and wisdom viewed out of the corner of the eye.

More About the Creator, Just In Case You’re Wondering

Stories are for Telling.

Sell Your Books to Families Here

Are you an author, illustrator or publisher with books to sell in our bookstore? Do you have a family product or technology that would be a fit for cross promotion? Are you a part of a school or education organization that would like to inquire about our read-aloud platform that connects families? We’d love to hear from you!

Email: Info@BeThereMedia.com

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