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Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes

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AUTHOR: Demian Elaine Yumei
ILLUSTRATOR: Nicole Tamarin
PUBLISHER: Illumination Arts Publishing
AGES: 3 to 8
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A lot of not-a-tomato things are in these little yellow tomatoes,” marvels a young girl as she discovers the many aspects that make up her favorite garden treats. From her mother and father who plant and tend the tomatoes, to the worms and ladybugs who keep pests away, to the sun that shines and the rains that water the garden, growing anything is a collaborative effort. All of nature has an essential role, and without just one aspect, the little yellow tomatoes would not be.

Inspired by Zen teachings of interconnectedness and by author Demian Elaine Yumei’s own daughter’s love of this delicious vegetable, Little Yellow Pear Tomatoes provides a wonderful introduction to both the circle of life and how plants grow. Nicole Tamarin’s realistic illustrations tenderly bring the garden to life on the page.
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