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Drum Roll Please.

1. Better than just family videos, build a lasting bond with a child through video bedtime stories, in just minutes each week.

2. Reading aloud to children with bedtime stories is the single most effective tool for developing language and literacy. Source: Reach Out and Read

3. Read to your great, great, great, great grandchild/niece/nephew through these recorded keepsakes of family videos and the  bedtime stories that you create!

4. Embrace your inner child with video storytelling – immerse yourself in a children’s e-book through the world created by authors and illustrators!

5. Literacy doesn’t begin at kindergarten—or even in preschool. Babies respond to adults talking to them; 1-year-olds point to pictures in picture books; and 2-year-olds chant nursery rhymes – all available with video bedtime stories.  Source: National Assoc. for the Education of Young Children

Webtime Stories Are in Spanish “Recording the story was a lot of fun, and my boys, who were watching, got a huge kick out of it.” ~


Webtime Stories Record Memories “It was easy to do… I think this is such a wonderful, memory making tool…” ~


Webtime Stories Honored Mom's Choice Award

Best in Family-Friendly Media


‘Tudley no sabia’ by John Himmelman Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing

6. Exchange ideas with other families in a storytelling community on our Storyblogger.

7. Recent studies affirm reading aloud to a child up to age 5 is a positive predictor for literacy in later years. Now kids can watch you read aloud with video bedtime stories. Source: National Early Literacy Report

8. Connect Military Families by donating video bedtime stories through our Partners at Blue Star Families!

9. Give mom and dad a break reading bedtime stories and send a *parent approved, kid-friendly multimedia experience! It’s family videos with bedtime stories! *Mom’s Choice Awards Honors Be There Bedtime Stories.

10. Say More Than Just Goodnight!

Kids Love Video Storytelling

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