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Kids Prefer Storytelling Over Television and Video Games

That means, they’d rather be watching YOU on their iPad!

(Source: Research by Disney/Pixar >>)

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Be There From Anywhere in the World. Anytime.

Your recorded webtime stories allow you to ‘be there’ before bed, during snacktime from the couch, or in the backseat of the car – today, tonight and even a hundred years from now. Create a magical moment that will connect you with a child through video storytelling.

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Storytelling ranked higher than television or video games among pastimes for kids, and 82 percent said reading a story with their parents helped them sleep better.

~  Study Commissioned by Disney/Pixar


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How Video Bedtime Stories Work:

Once you choose a children’s book from our store and create a video storyteller recording, then your family videos are placed in your account here, on the Be There Bedtime Stories website.

There’s no need for Skype® or YouTube® to create Webtime Stories®. We do all the heavy lifting so that your video bedtime stories will always be accessible by anyone, with the simple click of a link that you control and share.

And here’s the best part. Now you’ll have a library of family storytellers for future generations in your family to enjoy.

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webtime stories are bedtime stories from the web!


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Read your story in front of your webcam or iPad camera, as it displays on the screen.

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We’ll email a private, protected link of your story to anyone, anywhere, to be enjoyed on their computer or iPad!

Webtime Stories in Spanish, too! “Recording the story was a lot of fun, and my boys, who were watching, got a huge kick out of it.” ~


Webtimes Stories Support Military Families “Thanks Alison, for this great site! I am using it to send stories to my 16 month old grandson, whose Daddy is in the Air Force.” ~ Grandfather of Isaac


Perfect for Aunties! “I have a 2YO niece in New Orleans. I can’t wait to read her a webcam bedtime story!” -Twenty-something Storyteller


Best of the Best in Family-Friendly Media ~ Mom’s Choice Awards


‘The Old Felt Hat’ by Nancy Kelly Allen, Illus. by Lexi Rodriguez
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