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How It Works

Now available on iPad! Once you choose a children's book from our store and create a video storytelling recording, then your family videos with bedtime stories - a.k.a. Webtime Stories® - are placed in your account here, on the Be There Bedtime Stories website. No need for Skype® or YouTube® here. We do all the heavy lifting so that your video bedtime stories will always be accessible by anyone, with the simple click of a link that you control.

Here are samples of video bedtime stories and a tutorial video to get you started.
(These videos were edited together with the permission of the video storytellers and display from our social media home on YouTube®. Your Webtime Stories® will not play on YouTube®.)

Create your happily ever after.

Have you downloaded the Be There! children's app yet?

Visit the AppStore on your iPad to download the Be There! video bedtime stories app and simply login with the same email account used on our website. Your family videos as Webtime Stories will automatically be added to your bookshelf, ready to record or to play.

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