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“This is perfect for our family! We do Facetime, but the timing isn’t always convenient. Bedtime stories with grandma is possible with Be There Bedtime Stories!”

Gabriel, age 4

“Where do I click, mommy…? I want to see it again!”

“Making a video [on] takes next to no tech knowledge…. The idea seems simple yet it can really make a huge impact on bonding with our little ones whether they be our own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephew, etc.”

Grandmother – Florida

“This is the sweetest service I have seen in quite awhile. What an innovative idea. My granddaughter (5 years old) lives about 200 miles away from me. I don’t get to see her as much as I would like to. This idea is a great way to keep in touch and she won’t forget who I am. I definitely want this service!!!”

“…Alison has created a clever storytelling – personal connection – technology solution!”

Grandmother of Addy, Kyle, Cory, Mia and Samantha – Arizona

“WOW, what a fun and easy way to be a part of our grandchildren’s lives even though we live far away from them. It would be a blast for our grandchildren to hear and see us reading their bedtime stories to them. This is a way for us to feel closer to our grandchildren and for them to keep us ever present in their minds. All of our grandchildren love to have bedtime stories read to them and this product allows us to be a part of a very special time in their lives…bedtime with a great story!”

“Webtime Stories offer some unique and story-specific advantages over other webcam alternatives like Skype and iChat.”

Watch Some of Our ‘Be There’ Storytellers in Action

Grandmother to Kadence and Hannah – Michigan

“What a wonderful way to share realtime bonding with bedtime stories. The most precious moments in a child’s life can be experienced as if I were there…and saved indefinitely. We’ve come a long way from the old photo albums!”

“It was easy to do. I simply read the words on the page, turned the page and began recording again. I think this is such a wonderful, memory making tool…”

“I wish had something like this when I was little and my dad was stationed overseas.”


Grandfather of Milo – Arizona

“We love the idea! Put us down for it. Being so far from our first grandchild, this is the next best thing to Grandpa’s lap!”

“Within a few minutes I had read the book and chosen to email it to my niece in care of my brother. He said they played it for baby M and she seemed excited to hear my voice!”

Grandmother of Parker Rae – Arizona

“I think this ‘Be There Bedtime Stories’ is a great idea! Many grandparents do not live near their grandchildren so this is a good way of being there with them during bedtime. Story reading is a special time for kids and this will allow the grandparents to share in that time. I also love the idea of donating a book to a military person who seldom gets to see their own children. Most people know how much they are sacrificing and would do anything that helps them in some way.”

Orange County Business Journal

Alison Nominated for Prestigious “Women in Business Awards” in Orange County, CA

Watch Alison’s Storyteller Manifesto

Grandfather of Becky – Arizona

“She wanted it played over and over again.”

“I was amazed at how easy and fun it was to record my first story. I didn’t have to adjust anything because the website does all the work…”

Mommy in Chicago

“The first thing that they said when it was over was “let’s send one to them!”…”

“Recording the story was a lot of fun, and my boys, who were watching, got a huge kick out of it.”

“The parent-approved, easy-to-use platform also delivers the added benefit of fostering literacy…kids are engaging in proven read-aloud techniques that build language and literacy. ”

Some Words From the Families at Blue Star Families…

“Thanks Alison, for this great site! I am using it to send stories to my 16 month old grandson, whose Daddy is in the Air Force. That means they are far away, but this allows me to be a part of my grandson’s bedtime every night. What a great find!”

Grandfather of Isaac

“My kids could not BELIEVE Daddy was reading with them. I liked being able to go to my computer and get the story via an e-mail. My husband said it was easy to do, but he had to wait until he got into port to go to an internet cafe. The site said that we can watch it unlimited times, which will also be a blessing. When the kids get lonely, this video/storybook will come in handy.

As a Mommy, it is also helpful to have something which keeps my kids entertained for a small amount of time. After we watched it together, now the kids watch it and I am able to get little things done around my house.

Anything I can do for this organization. It has helped keep my kids and I going.


– Blue Star Family/Military Mom

“Reading is so important many areas of child development. Our family reads at least every night at bedtime and many times throughout the day. If my child could read with far-away family members even better development and bonding will occur! This is like a dreamland!  Thank you for providing this reading opportunity to our WHOLE family – no matter how far away the members are from each other!”

– Blue Star Family Member

“great concept! I love it! :)”

– Blue Star Family Member

“great idea ya all :)”

– Blue Star Family Member

I have not yet had the opportunity to read one of these books, but am excited to purchase one. My husband is currently deployed and we have three children. This is a great idea and I would love to utilize the books 😉

– Blue Star Family Member

And here’s a few words from future storytellers that discovered our booth at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books…

“Wow – I’m so glad I found you!”

-Future Video Storyteller

“Wow, my brother is in Afghanistan and would love to read to his nephews.”

– Military Family Storyteller

“My son is in the Reserves – he’ll love this!”

-Another Military Family Storyteller

“My mom lives in Mexico – you have Spanish books!”

-International Spanish Storyteller

“I’ve been trying to get my 7 year old to read over the summer. This is perfect!”

-Mom of Summer Reader

“This is Brilliant!”

-Future Video Storyteller Enthusiast

“This is perfect for my kids, their cousins are moving to Australia!”

-Future Kid Storyteller

“I was here yesterday, I brought my sister back to see this…Look sis!”

-Video Bedtime Story Enthusiast

“This is something that is needed today!”

-Passerby That Needs Video Bedtime Stories

“I would love to get my mother to read to my daughter – it has her picture right there on the page!”

-Amazed & Mystified Mom

“I have a 2YO niece in New Orleans. I can’t wait to read her a webcam bedtime story!”

-Twenty-something Storyteller

“This is so much better than reading a story on Skype!”

-Future Video Storyteller

“My husband is deploying this fall. This is so amazing to me!”

– Another Military Family Storyteller

“Oh, I get it! I’m in favor of this type of digital media for kids.”

-Passerby Approving of Video Bedtime Stories

“Look – there’s a kid reading on the webcam, too… This is so interesting!”

-Not Easily Impressed passerby

“Way cool!”

-Another mystified passerby

“You guys are brilliant! What an amazing idea! You’ll be making aLOT of money from me!”

-Future Storyteller


-Another mystified passerby

“I’ve got a ton of grandkids to read to!”

-Free coupon code storyteller

“Wow you have Spanish books too!? That’s amazing!”

-Future Storyteller

“that’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen all day!”

– Mommy passerby with grampa in Australia!

“The results of our research confirm the traditional activity of storytelling continues to be a powerful learning and emotional resource in children’s lives,”

~ Child Psychologist Richard Woolfson, who led a study commissioned by Disney/Pixar

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