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Profile: Jack Foster

I was born with a silver crayon in my mouth. Seriously, I was born in Chicago Illinois. I took 4 years of art in high school, then went to the American Academy of Art in Chicago. I was married and had five kids by the time I was 26, so I tried to get my art career going while holding down a regular 50 hour a week job. It was slow going. In 1980 I became the political cartoonist for the Elgin Courier News. After that I did some seasonal illustrating for Marshall Fields. I began airbrushing and got to paint a lot of murals. (little girl's rooms and kid's church rooms were my favorite) My heart was still in publishing though. In 2000 I took some computer art classes. I worked hard at developing a digital style. Finally in 2009 my dream came true! I started illustrating children's books for Guardian Angel Publishing. I have illustrated 10 books as of March 2010.
Location: Lisle, Illinois
Favorite Sandwich: (Real) Turkey, tomato and extra mayo mmmmmm!
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