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Grandparents can read aloud daily on Be There Bedtime Stories

Storytelling ranked higher than television or video games among pastimes for kids…

“The results of our research confirm the traditional activity of storytelling continues to be a powerful learning and emotional resource in children’s lives,” said child psychologist Richard Woolfson, who led a study commissioned by Disney/Pixar.


The Read Aloud Factor

Be There Bedtime Stories is proud to be a recognized Partner of the Children’s Literacy Coalition of Los Angeles, sharing in it’s core mission to raise awareness on the importance of literacy.

Literacy is the foundation upon which all childhood development can grow. From science textbooks to word problems in math to history, if a child struggles with reading then [s]he will struggle with all other subjects throughout the education experience.

Did you Know?

Countless studies have suggested that simply reading aloud DAILY to children under age 5 is the most effective way to ensure literacy for life. Our multi media technology provides families far apart with the opportunity to participate building this important foundation. By adding a video camera to this developmental, storytelling activity, you can build literacy AND build relationships with young family members in a meaningful way.

Our Roundtable of Advocacy

The mission of the CLC-LA is to bring families, schools and communities together in our common goal to raise awareness on early literacy and provide access to books, regardless of socio-economic conditions or geographical location.

Our founder, Alison Sansone, serves at this roundtable of advocacy. Visit the CLC-LA to learn more about the mission or to get involved and join the roundtable!

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Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read is an evidence based nonprofit organization promoting early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms nationwide. They’ve got 28,000 doctors, nurses and medical providers raising awareness on the programs developed from their 14 published research studies. Here’s the 1, 2, 3′s on their vital research:

  1. Reading aloud to children is the single most effective tool for developing language and literacy.
  2. The 3.9 million children served by Reach Out and Read enter kindergarten with a 6 month developmental edge.
  3. Currently, 34% of children enter kindergarten without the basic language skills they will need to learn to read.

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Reach Out And Read

This link will take you to the Reach Out and Read website to learn more.

Developing Early Literacy

Conventional reading and writing skills that are developed in the years from birth to age 5 have a clear and consistently strong relationship with later conventional literacy skills. Additionally, six variables representing early literacy skills or precursor literacy skills had medium to large predictive relationships with later measures of literacy development. These six variables not only correlated with later literacy as shown by data drawn from multiple studies with large numbers of children but also maintained their predictive power even when the role of other variables, such as IQ or socioeconomic status (SES), were accounted for. These six variables include:

  • alphabet knowledge (AK): knowledge of the names and sounds associated with printed letters
  • phonological awareness (PA): the ability to detect, manipulate, or analyze the auditory aspects of spoken language (including the ability to distinguish or segment words, syllables, or phonemes), independent of meaning
  • rapid automatic naming (RAN) of letters or digits: the ability to rapidly name a sequence of random letters or digits
  • RAN of objects or colors: the ability to rapidly name a sequence of repeating random sets of pictures of objects (e.g., “car,” “tree,” “house,” “man”) or colors

Source: National Institute for Literacy
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NAEYC and IRA: Where We Stand on Learning to Read and Write

Literacy doesn’t begin at kindergarten—or even in preschool. Babies respond to adults talking to them; 1-year-olds point to pictures in books; and 2-year-olds chant nursery rhymes. These and other first steps lay the foundations for literacy.

Source: National Association for the Education of Young Children
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Be There Bedtime Stories is a Proud Partner of the CLC-LA

Did You Know?

A child spends 900 hours a year in school and 7,800 hours at home.

Your family stands to make the most impact on a child when it comes to literacy. Video storytelling is a read-aloud activity that can help build young readers and build family relationships at the same time!

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“This is perfect for our family! We do Facetime, but the timing isn’t always convenient. Bedtime stories with grandma is possible with Be There Bedtime Stories!”



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“The parent-approved, easy-to-use platform also delivers the added benefit of fostering literacy…kids are engaging in proven read-aloud techniques that build language and literacy. ”



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“Webtime Stories offer some unique and story-specific advantages over other webcam alternatives like Skype and iChat.”



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