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Bedtime stories happen every night! They not only provide important building blocks for learning, they’re valuable bonding opportunities for families to experience, too.

Promoting video bedtime stories is easy and convenient – no shipping costs or orders to take or delivering goods.

What could be better than that?


How It Works

How the Webtime Stories Bookstore Works:

It’s easy to add your book to the bookshelf!

We have a unique way for families to connect with new technology, but we need bright, beautiful stories for them to tell – that’s where you come in.

1. Contact Us:

Simply contact us and we’ll send you a Distribution Agreement.

2. Send Us a PDF File:

We make it super easy to add your book to our bookstore – no e-pub or programming required.

3. Promote Your Book!

We’ll send you a check for the revenue share terms in our Distribution Agreement each quarter.

Kids Prefer Storytelling Over Television and Video Games

That means, they’d rather be watching FAMILY on their iPad!

(Source: Research by Disney/Pixar >>)


Why Webtime Stories:

It’s kid-friendly, parent-approved technology, enjoyable as a video keepsake forever.
It connects kids with family far away through a storytelling experience using video.
Storytelling leads to confident readers that will EXCEL in school and SUCCEED in life!


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Be There Bedtime Stories - School Fundraiser


Why It Works:

Grandparents, aunties and uncles reading Webtime Stories will build a child’s literacy.
Kids love to be on video too – surprise Grandparents on a special occasion with storytelling.
Kids love to be storytellers to younger cousins, passing along the literacy boost!


“Look Daddy! Nana and Poompa are here to read to me!”

Share in the precious family tradition of a bedtime story from fah, fah away.

And for lifetimes to come.

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Perfect for Grandparents!

“This is perfect for our family! We do Facetime, but the timing isn’t always convenient. Bedtime stories with grandma is possible with Be There Bedtime Stories!” ~ TheMavenOf


Dads Dig It!

“The parent-approved, easy-to-use platform also delivers the added benefit of fostering literacy…kids are engaging in proven read-aloud techniques that build language and literacy. ” ~


Kids Agree!

“Storytelling ranked higher than television or video games among pastimes for kids age 3-8.” ~ Research from Disney/Pixar


Best of the Best in Family-Friendly Media

~ Mom’s Choice Awards


‘The Old Felt Hat’ – by Nancy Kelly Allen, Illus. by Lexi Rodriguez

Meet the Creator of Be There Bedtime Stories.

Look who’s talking about video storytelling:

Meet Alison and Her Two Nieces

Webtime Stories was created by an Auntie that wanted to connect with her nieces from fah, fah away. Her vision now offers all families the same magical moments that can build literacy and build relationships at the same time.

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Read a Story Tonight.

Be There as a Storyteller for a Lifetime.

Record a story with your webcam or iPad and preview before you send or pay.

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The Multimedia Book Jacket

Be There All Over the Web.

Be There Book Jacket gives you – the artist – the opportunity to tell the story behind the story, through video media right on the page of your book.

Families are shopping for children’s books. Now you can ‘Be There’ to promote your book in person, all over the web.

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Create Your Video Book Jacket

Families are shopping for children’s books. Give them more than just a bio on the back of a book – give them a memorable, multimedia Book Jacket experience!

How It Works
Beth Navarro Reads Kiko from a Webcam Book Jacket

Create Your Video Book Jacket Today!

Be There, all over the web to promote your children’s book – with video of YOU right on the page!

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