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Bedtime Stories Just Got Even Better.
Offer your children’s book to the new family videos created on Be There Bedtime Stories! Our video storytelling platform is intended to connect families far apart for a meaningful, multimedia experience by combining the familiarity of a family-member in the video frame, with YOUR storybook on the screen.

Bedtime stories have been a part of a child’s nighttime routine for centuries - long before bubble gum flavored toothpaste. The stories and illustrations on the page of a bedtime story is like that explosive stuff on the tip of a match - sharing a story with a child sparks a brilliant fire inside their imagination. For a few moments each night, we believe that Storytellers are superheroes, with the power to build literacy, build character and take a child to another world.

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Bedtime Stories from the web = Webtime Stories®

Webtime Stories® build literacy.
Be There Bedtime Stories is the most effective multimedia experience for delivering a true read aloud technique to build literacy - because of the visual of the storyteller.

Simply reading aloud daily to a child up to age 5, establishes their literacy strength for the rest of their life!
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Webtime Stories® last forever.
Imagine being able to watch one of your ancestors read a bedtime story...! These recordings


Offer Your Book as a Webtime Story!
  • No print or production costs to add your Book to our Bookstore
  • More storytellers buying per family

Meet Our Storytellers

Vivian Meet Vivian
I call my grandma ‘Missy Grammy’. She likes to have a nickname and I don’t know how I came up with it. It just happened during a phone call. I live in Chicago with my sister. I’m four years old. My sister is six years old. Missy Grammy lives in Arizona. I don’t know how many years old Missy Grammy is. Anyway, phone calls aren’t quite as fun as a ‘Be There Bedtime Story’! I can actually see her - she’s sittin’ there right on the page of the book, on my computer! It’s amazing! She always manages to find stories about kitty cats, because she knows how much I like kitty cats. Now she has to show grampa how to ‘be there’ too!

Behind the Bedtime Story
Be There Girls After a decade of both field and corporate experience in the hospitality industry, Alison Sansone, Creator/CEO, decided to pursue marketing and business development as her true passion. In 2006, she combined her education in videography with her marketing acumen to start her own company producing multi-media tools for small businesses and non-profit organizations throughout Orange County. The business model for Be There Bedtime Stories was inspired by her own frustration of living 1500 miles away from her only two nieces.

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